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The Latest L.A. County Guidance on Wedding Ceremonies

Hello Brides!

Here is the current (as of 6/22/20) guidance from L.A County on wedding ceremonies:

• For a certificate of marriage to be appropriately executed, the couple being married, the officiant and a witness must be physically present and visible to each other during the exchange of vows.
• A wedding requires an in-person officiant and witness (the internet does not meet that requirement).
• Attendance at a wedding must be limited to:
o The couple.
o The officiant
o A witness
• Social (physical) distancing must be observed during the ceremony (except between the couple).
• If a member of the couple has symptoms of COVID-19 infection, the ceremony may not take place
• If the witness or officiant has symptoms of COVID-19, the ceremony may only take place if it is possible to find a substitute.
• The service may be live streamed to permit virtual participation of others. It may also be taped for later viewing. In either case, the recording must be carried out without any additional attendees.
• Limit the use of objects, equipment, and supplies that may be difficult to disinfect or make it hard to ensure social (physical) distancing.
• Contact the County Registrar-Recorder for further details at

1614 Cabrillo Avenue Torrance, CA 90501 ❤️ Phone: 424-271-7817 ❤️