Backyard weddings
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Backyard Weddings are a THING!

While most of us dream of the perfect wedding in either a chapel, a vineyard or an exotic destination, current events have thwarted our plans.

Don’t let that stop you though. Our brides are finding ways to still have their big day and one of the popular ones is a backyard wedding.

Here’s five ideas why backyard weddings are great:

  1. Social distancing and COVID precautions can be followed.
  2. You already know the venue and don’t have to book it.
  3. You can save money on your venue.
  4. You can either save that money for a house downpayment or maybe spend more on your dream dress. (Hint, hint!)
  5. Though it may not be exactly what you dreamt of, it will be memorable and you’ll have great stories for the rest of your life!

Still, setting up the backyard will take some work, so here are some hints to in planning and setting up for the ceremony.

Make sure you are also following the local COVID guidance. For our L.A. Country brides, here are the current rules.



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