Inspiration, Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day: Thoughts on Our Moms

Sofia Bella is all about happiness and thinking about our Moms makes us even happier.

Here are brief thoughts about the wonderful matriarchs who gave us life:

Cindy with her mother, Josefina, and daughters Sofia and Atlas. This group likes to party!

Cindy, Sofia Bella co-owner: My mom is Spanish. In fact, my sister and I were born in Spain. Don’t ask when! I appreciate that my Mother exposed us to her culture. It has made my life so much richer and I hope to pass all of that on to my daughters. Thanks, Mom!

Valerie, center, with Mama Roxy, left and sister Berlin are getting ready try their luck in Las Vegas.

Valerie, Senior Stylist: My Mom raised my sister and I to be the best people we can be. Plus, she has a great sense of fashion and style and that got passed on to us. Thanks, Mama!

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