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Notes from a Marina Wedding

I have a confession. I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding since Bill Clinton was president.

To correct that, my girlfriend Maya took me to her friend’s wedding at a yacht club in Dana Point this weekend.

I saw some of the same things our Senior Stylist Valerie experienced, but here’s a few things I noticed:

  1. Be ready and open — Just like pre-pandemic weddings things go right, wrong and sideways. Embrace it all and enjoy yourself. We had a great time and some of the most heartfelt moments were unplanned.
  2. Add your pet to the ceremony — The bride and groom added their dog to the ceremony and it was a lot of fun and added some humorous moments. I love dogs, so I am all for this.
  3. Outdoor ceremony — In these times, I appreciated the ceremony was held on a deck in the marina. Plus, it was a beautiful Southern California afternoon, so why not be outside? Though the reception was indoors, the ventilation was good and the liquor was flowing.
  4. Everybody taking photos — My usual gripe is smartphones have made everyone a photographer and cinematographer even if they don’t know an f-stop from a doorstop. Instead, guests, please be in the moment and let the pro hired to shoot the event do her job. OK, I did take our selfie after the ceremony.
  5. Less formal, more fun and genuine — This is a welcome trend. There were toasts and stories, but all of them seemed real and not too rehearsed. One rehearsal is a good idea though unless you anchor the evening news.


P.S. Ask Amy has some great advice if you have a problematic family member.

P.P.S. Who is the handsome couple in the photo? It’s me and my beautiful and talented girlfriend, Maya.

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